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All of Richard's recordings, including The Hidden One, Life of the Worlds and Tuning The Soul, are available directly from this link.

Please support this wonderful organization dedicated to fostering independent recording artists.

Shir Hashirim - A forward-looking monthly Sabbath gathering in Berkeley, CA which explores what an evolving "Planetary Judaism" might look like, through world musics, poetry, and sacred dance.

Richard has served as the Musical Director of Shir Hashirim,
The Song of Songs Minyan
, over the past twenty-three years.

Please see the "Ongoing Events" page of this website for more info on Shir Hashirim

ALEPH - The Alliance for Jewish Renewal

Tim Rayborn - Multi-instrumentalist and performer, Tim specializes
in music from medieval Europe, as well as from North Africa, the Balkans, the Middle East, and Central Asia. He plays more than 30 instruments. Tim kindly designed this website.

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