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September 13 and November 8 of 2019 !!
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Richard is currently gathering the material for his fourth album,
a collection of "world centric" songs of spirit,
earth-reverence and global wisdom,
sung mainly in his native language - English.



In this time of our planet's profound ecological crises -
of mother's milk being one of our most toxic substances
(full of heavy metals and various other questionable compounds),
of disappearing habitats and their resident species,
of vast numbers of underground water tables now undrinkable -
we offer this chant as a wake-up call to open our hearts and minds
toward the saving of this Eden, which we've been given to steward.

The song ends with a global call for
a reverent mending of our "larger Temple."

click here to listen to: Lamenting Her Temple So Wounded (4:10)
(downloadable MP3 for ninety-nine cents at:

Lamenting Her Temple So Wounded is an all-English version
of track four from Richard Kaplan's second CD, Life of the Worlds,
where it is sung with Hebrew and English intertwined.
Here is the original recording of Kinah Lekhurban Gan Eden:

click here to listen to: Kinah Lekhurban Gan Eden (6:17)
(downloadable MP3 for ninety-nine cents at:

And here is Richard Kaplan in concert
performing the Hebrew-English version:


Jeremiah wept, oh! hearing her song,
Lamenting her Temple so wounded

(Gaia sings:)

"Alas my forests are dying,
I hear my waters crying,
Have all the lessons been lost?
Oh! oh that I, that I would be, revered again"

Jeremiah wept, oh! hearing her song,
Lamenting her Temple so wounded

(Gaia sings:)

"My precious threads of life that are no more
In silence live the children of the poor
Alas! why will they not feel their disgrace?
Oh! oh that I, that I would be, revered again"

In the night, she weeps and weeps
Longing for her lovers,
Who so seldom come to comfort her

Bring us back to You, oh Soul of Souls
Spark us to turn, that we may be seen
Mending this Temple, our Eden

"The Prophet Jeremiah Laments the Destruction of Jerusalem"
Rembrandt van Rijn, 1630

For more about the creation of this piece,
please visit the "Writings" section of this website
and scroll down to "track 4" in Christina Roden's interview
concerning Life of the Worlds.



Videos of Richard Kaplan in concert
are now viewable on his YOU TUBE channel:


Hazzan Kaplan's most recent CD,
The Hidden One: Jewish Mystical Songs,
having sold out of its first pressing of 1000 CDs,
is now in its second pressing of another 1000 CDs !!

They are available online



on "House MD"
"Don't Ever Change" - episode #412
now in syndication

may be accessed online at:

Cantor Richard opens the episode singing
Niggun of the Alter Rebbe



on Wisconsin Public Radio's
"Here on Earth"

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Cantor Richard is interviewed for a full hour regarding
Jewish Sacred Music and his CD "Life of the Worlds"
by Anne Strainchamps, from the NPR show
"To the Best of Our Knowledge"


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